79 people dead in Spain Train crash incident | Spain Train crashed

Spain Train crash  | 79 people dead in Spain Train crash incident.......
The driver of a train which crashed in Spain last Wednesday was talking on the phone when it derailed, investigators say.Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was speaking to members of staff at the state-owned railway company, Renfe, when the train left the tracks, travelling at 153km/h (95mph).Crash investigators had opened the train's "black-box" data recorder to find the cause of the crash, which left 79 people dead.

The court, sitting in Spain's capital city Madrid, was told the conductor activated the brakes "seconds before the crash".But investigators working with the Court of Justice in Galicia said this only managed to slow it to 95mph (153kph) at the point when it came off the rails on a bend.The speed limit at the spot where the train derailed was set at 50mph (80kph).

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