Happy Hug Day 2011 Greetings,Sms,Scraps|Latest Hug Day sms

Dear viewers today our releated information with Happy 2011 HUG DAY details.HUG DAY 2011 greetings,scraps,sms latest updates.to get the HUG DAY 2011 GREETINGS,SCRAPS,WALLPAPERS....HAPPY HUG DAY 2011


Since your eyes are looking tired
Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours
Happy journey in to the world of dreams
Happy Hug Day !

People do need Positive Human Interaction
Hugging is a Safe Way to do so
Happy Hug Day

There is one gift which can’t be given
without taking it back
that is why I give hug you
which can’t be giving without taking it back
Happy Hug Day !
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